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Back on Track

October 20, 2009

And for this edition, with a MacBook Pro ready for the works! Loaded with everything I need, and with a massive vacation behind, time to get back working about.



Leo Burnett

June 24, 2009

Leo Burnett

Similar to GreyPortugal, Leo Burnett from Leo Burnett Portugal also gave me some avaliability and opportunity to talk with them. Cristina Almeida, Production Director took her time to recieve me.

A warm person, Cristina Almeida, also born in Brazil, helped me straighten out certain aspects left open since the last interview, as well as shed a new perspective in the way advertising agencies work. Organizational culture and the personality of people have a deep influence in the agencies, suming up to the fact that each agency has its own personality.

All my questions were answered in a clear way, and similarly, I could also take the time to inform myself a bit about the work and life, directly related to my interests. All in all, a great complement to myself and the work being done.

*Leo Burnett Portugal is the portuguese wing from Leo Burnett Worldwide, which belongs to the Publicis Group in a wider scale. It is a exclusive advertising oriented agency, also working in partnership with ARCww, a below-the-line, marketing oriented agency. It is also te most awarded agency in Portugal, with several local awards and Cannes’ Lions, amongst works performed for clients such as Fiat, Pampero, Samsung, P&G, Phillip&Morris, Kellogs, Mentos, amongst others.

Campaign Results

June 5, 2009

Putting it bluntly, we didn’t win. My mate didn’t exactly take it lightly, me on the other hand took it fine. Thing being that I think the personal experience was invaluable, and I did get to enjoy a free party (for the participants), and the company of plenty of friends and supporters that also went. All in all, a good experience.

The only thing that pissed me off a lot was the fact they never showed ANY work, even the winning works. Which makes me dubious of the whole thing. Thou, with a bit of talking around, I did learn the whole concept of the first prize, which made me realize a lot;

They worked a full campaign also, but everything was focused on the current technologies – blogging, social networks, twitter, youtube, msn, etc.

Made me think, and really start taking notice of the evolution of everything – ours was being too traditional in terms of support, which isn’t bad, but limiting. We should have also made bets in the whole Web 2.0 aspect. Lesson learned, be aware of the best means of spreading a message.