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March 25, 2009

New day,  new post.

Recently acquired a new software, Photomatix Pro, which allows for some interesting editions and most importantly, increasing the dynamic range, turning them into HDR photography. So after playing around, I came up with this; first the original photo…

Moroccan Bike - Original

Then the edited;

Moroccan Bike Edited

After dabbling around the manual, I ended up converting it to HDR via 5 photos of different exposure, with a lot of experimentation in Photoshop, since I found the end HDR result dry, lacking…”something”.

You can download the trial and buy the software via download in their SITE.

This was my first attempt with this tool, which turned out alright for me, but you can see some master works following this link

I’d love doing this kind of production. I’ll get there eventually.

Heres another picture meanwhile, also made via Photomatix and Photoshop post-editing.

Marrakech City

and the edited. This one has less artistic editing, and more of an attempt to simply increase sharpness and quality.

Marrakech Night

Both photos taken at a recent trip to Morocco. Its a massively beautiful country, and certainly no lack of photographic oportunities.