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Photography 2

October 20, 2009

Interrail! (317)
África do Sul 1 043
África do Sul 1 006
África do Sul 1 323
África do Sul 1 144



October 20, 2009

Interrail! (116)
Interrail! (390)
África do Sul 1 387
Interrail! (329)
Interrail! (405)
África do Sul 319

Campaign Contest 01

May 24, 2009

So, lately been busy with a contest. The point being to produce a campaign for an advertising event that will be happening this 29th of may, here in Portugal, named “Publidevoradores”, a carry-over from the french event of same name.

Its an event of light, humourous note, where several ads from all over the world are shown in a cinema-like fashion, for about 5 hours or so in segments of 45 minutes, 15 minutes break, while also having a whole party around it, with the usual drinks, food stands, entretainment, side-shows and contests, etc. The portuguese version is now in its 2nd interation.

Like mentioned, me and a mate decided to grab this opportunity to have our first full campaign ever, a way to really feel the full aspects of an actual campaign (albeit with extremely limited resources :)). Its an opportunity to win, or fail and learn a lot, which basically means there is no way this can be harmful.

Money and resources scarce, we opted for outdoor, flyer, a lot of RP’ing, direct mailing and some cheap tactics to make people take more notice then it would normally be given;



Being that the prizes are both on creativity and efficiency, we opted for the whole Burp/satisfaction concept. And playing on efficiency, a very visible, outstanding and easily recognizeable color scheme, with familiar faces (all but the lower left are from the same university) to better create empathy and buzz – if we play on our “home field” only, we decided to use known elements. Represents youth, joviality, a certain coy, and try to steer off the negative idea a Burp might have.

3 posters were printed, A1 and A3, and placed around where they could be seen the most.


May 12, 2009

Playing about with photography instead of trying to manipulate it left some interesting results.

Typography Portrait

April 16, 2009



March 25, 2009

New day,  new post.

Recently acquired a new software, Photomatix Pro, which allows for some interesting editions and most importantly, increasing the dynamic range, turning them into HDR photography. So after playing around, I came up with this; first the original photo…

Moroccan Bike - Original

Then the edited;

Moroccan Bike Edited

After dabbling around the manual, I ended up converting it to HDR via 5 photos of different exposure, with a lot of experimentation in Photoshop, since I found the end HDR result dry, lacking…”something”.

You can download the trial and buy the software via download in their SITE.

This was my first attempt with this tool, which turned out alright for me, but you can see some master works following this link

I’d love doing this kind of production. I’ll get there eventually.

Heres another picture meanwhile, also made via Photomatix and Photoshop post-editing.

Marrakech City

and the edited. This one has less artistic editing, and more of an attempt to simply increase sharpness and quality.

Marrakech Night

Both photos taken at a recent trip to Morocco. Its a massively beautiful country, and certainly no lack of photographic oportunities.