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Design Link!

March 25, 2009

As an extra, here’s a link before calling it a day.  This site is incredible, massive source of inspiration and a great path to many other resources and works of art. Enjoy!




March 25, 2009

New day,  new post.

Recently acquired a new software, Photomatix Pro, which allows for some interesting editions and most importantly, increasing the dynamic range, turning them into HDR photography. So after playing around, I came up with this; first the original photo…

Moroccan Bike - Original

Then the edited;

Moroccan Bike Edited

After dabbling around the manual, I ended up converting it to HDR via 5 photos of different exposure, with a lot of experimentation in Photoshop, since I found the end HDR result dry, lacking…”something”.

You can download the trial and buy the software via download in their SITE.

This was my first attempt with this tool, which turned out alright for me, but you can see some master works following this link

I’d love doing this kind of production. I’ll get there eventually.

Heres another picture meanwhile, also made via Photomatix and Photoshop post-editing.

Marrakech City

and the edited. This one has less artistic editing, and more of an attempt to simply increase sharpness and quality.

Marrakech Night

Both photos taken at a recent trip to Morocco. Its a massively beautiful country, and certainly no lack of photographic oportunities.

First work for evaluation

March 22, 2009

As a final work, I’m showing this; made for a class in my university,  Brand Communication, roughly translated. The point was the pick a friend or coleague in class, and visually represent without giving up too much of who she was.

Tried to convey here a very pop artish look, with hints of her interests and how I portrayed her in my mind – a ska band called The Specials,  a Charlie Chaplin hat, the pop and rockabilly look, and electronic music.


Was my first printed work, which people seemed to like. Could’ve used some design improvements, especially since it was kind of a rush job, the one aspect I liked most was having it printed out at high quality, and holding it personally.

Next work for this same class is to do something similar, only instead of someone else, with myself in mind. We’ll see how it goes.